A Snapshot of Our Impact Across the Hemisphere


ExxonMobil Builds Global Engineering Workforce

The University of Tulsa, in partnership with Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, won an ExxonMobil-funded grant to develop a study abroad program integrating language, culture, and science to increase student awareness and research in the important relationship between the U.S. and Brazilian energy sectors.


25 Grants Funded

Across 5 Countries

181% Leverage 

Across 26 Partnerships

Fields of Study:

Engineering, Physics, Geology, & Geophysics


Traveling abroad to Brazil was an incredible opportunity to think more critically about life back in the U.S. and experience a new culture, while exploring the possibility of joining the energy industry workforce. The trip has given me a newfound desire to be more globally knowledgeable and potentially work abroad. – Student Beneficiary, University of Tulsa

Santander Builds Brand Awareness in Education

The University of New Mexico, in partnership with Universidad La Salle México and Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, won a Santander-funded grant to develop the Innovation Academy for Women in the Americas. This program focused on providing research, leadership, and mentorship opportunities for undergraduate women in STEM. It offered graduate scholarships for winning research projects.

26 Grants Funded

Across 14 countries

219% Leverage

Across 48 Partnerships

Fields of Study:



 Many times people in Mexico live under the culture where they say, “You can’t do this because you are a girl, oh my poor little daughter.” It is important to say yes, you can. There are great women who have accomplished great things.

– Karen del Rocio Bentacourt Ravelo, Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Poza Rica

CAF – Development Bank of Latin America & Vocational Study

Miami Dade College, in partnership with SENA, the national vocational and technical institution in Colombia, won a CAF-funded grant to study the innovations and trends in hospitality between Miami and Armenia, based on shared economic and Hispanic heritage linkages. The program required students to develop a business plan and better prepared them for careers in the tourism industry.

5 Grants Funded

Across 2 countries

45% Leverage 

Across 5 Partnerships

Fields of Study:

Vocational & Technical Training
Focused on U.S. Community Colleges & SENA Centers


 The courses were excellent in providing us with information about the diverse cuisine of Colombia and the different kinds of hospitality in the Americas.

– Student Beneficiary, Miami Dade College

 Coca-Cola Achieves Goals in Public Health & Environment

Northwestern University, in partnership with Universidad Panamericana, won a Coca-Cola-funded grant to develop a service learning and study program in public health. The program brought together students to address the growing problem of obesity in Chicago and Mexico City.

16 Grants Funded

Across 5 countries

95% Leverage

Across 21 Partnerships

Fields of Study:

Public Health, Water & Environment

 The experiences I had this summer will stay with me for a lifetime, and will continue to guide me in my career in global health.

– Austin Stults, Northwestern University

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