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Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, US

Texas State UniversitySan Marcos, Texas, US
Partner: Universidad Alberto Hurtado (Chile)

“Leadership and Educational Action Resource Network (LEARN): Binational Graduate Student Collaboration for Educational Improvement in Chile” – (Project LEARN-Chile)

Project LEARN-Chile, a result of collaboration between Texas State University and Universidad Alberto Hurtado, aims to create opportunities for U.S. doctoral students in education and social science to advance their skills in international educational research through fieldwork. The program will offer a seminar course for students to conduct an intensive ten-day long field research experience in Chile under a service-learning paradigm that uses synergy across a local university partner, five community organizations focused on educational improvement, and two corporate partners. The students’ fieldwork will culminate in a roundtable event hosted at Universidad Alberto Hurtado that will examine the unique educational priorities of the differing community partners and identify points of possible collaboration and create next steps to advance determined priorities.

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