» Competition 13 - SENA

Alamo Colleges, Texas, U.S.

Competition 13: Funded by SENA

Alamo Colleges, Texas, U.S.
Partner: SENA Centro de Gestión Tecnológica de Servicios, Regional Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Chagra a la Mesa – Conserving Traditional Cuisine Through Local Food Production

The partnership project between Alamo Colleges and SENA Centro de Gestión Tecnológica de Servicios will develop a faculty-led, field-based program with a focus on gastronomy, tourism, and agriculture. The program will create opportunities and incentives for faculty and staff at the partnering institutions to develop, administer, and spearhead new and innovative study abroad programs in Colombia and the U.S. that address challenges related to food insecurity and the loss of healthy local cuisine traditions. Students will participate in classroom lab kitchens to enhance their careers in the hospitality industry and agriculture, while having the opportunity to also participate in a language institute to learn English or Spanish while abroad. 

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