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Boise State University, Idaho, United States

Boise State University, Idaho, United States Partner: Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito, Bogotá, Colombia

Capacity-Building through Engineering Student Mobility

Boise State University (Boise State) and Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito (La Escuela) are partnering to design a bilateral exchange to overcome barriers to study abroad in the field of engineering. The program aims to expand the study abroad capacity at Boise State and La Escuela’s research capacity and students’ readiness for advanced studies in the United States by developing a short-term, faculty-led program that will target and provide global learning opportunities to economically-disadvantaged, female engineering students and students of minority ethnic backgrounds at both institutions. Through the program, first- and second-year engineering students will examine global problems and solutions in engineering using project-based learning pedagogies, and gain valuable experience by working with local companies and laboratories in their host country and participating in networking opportunities with researchers and faculty, which will prepare them to pursue future scientific research and academic work and career opportunities at home or abroad.

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