» Competition 22 - The MetLife Foundation Study Abroad Innovation Competition

Cornell University, New York, United States

Cornell University, New York, United States
Strategic Partner: Universidad del Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia

Novel Opportunities for Movement that Blend Social and Scientific Learning

Cornell University (Cornell), along with Universidad del Magdalena (UniMagdalena), will implement a bilateral, student exchange program that will prioritize minority students who otherwise may not have the opportunity for global learning and provide them with an understanding of regional political and social issues by empowering them to contribute to local community development. The program aims to establish students’ skills in teaching and research and enhancing their vision of future directions and goals in STEM-related work.  It will place low-income, Afro-Colombian and indigenous students from UniMagdalena in summer research internships at Cornell, while sending U.S. students in the sciences to Santa Marta to join their Colombian peers in designing and carrying out STEM-related enrichment and social engagement projects in disadvantaged communities in Colombia. While abroad, students will engage with a research network or design a project that aims to improve some aspect of public education.

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