» Competition 8 - SENA + CAF

Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.

Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.
Partner: SENA Centro Internacional Náutico Fluvial y Portuario, Cartagena, Colombia

“Entrepreneurial Thinking for Employability (ENTENTE)”

Through a unique, practical curricular design offering entrepreneurial training to two-­­year technical college students, Project ENTENTE advances their workforce skills in the area of business innovation. Previously, short-­­term study abroad projects for entrepreneurism have not been offered to underrepresented two-­­year technical college students to develop their global competency. This new study abroad model can be replicated by other two-­­year colleges with the goal to enhance global competencies and entrepreneurial skills highly valued in a changing world economy. Students will also be a part of an online ENTENTE Entrepreneurs’ Network to continue sharing knowledge, business, employability tips, cultural competences, and more.

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