» Competition 24 - Mary Street Jenkins

Georgia Gwinnett College

Georgia Gwinnett College, Georgia, United States
Partner: Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

“GGC-IBERO Mobility and Networking Project: Mexico-US Migration from a Cultural-Anthropological Perspective”

This new mobility and networking project between Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) and Universidad Iberoamericana (IBERO) aims to recruit students from underrepresented groups. GGC students will take intensive Spanish courses and participate in cultural activities that increase their understanding of Mexican customs and culture. IBERO students will reciprocate the exchange, engaging in U.S. student life and participating in various extracurricular activities, including a visit to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights to get a glimpse of the fight for civil rights and freedom. In addition, students will visit with migrant families to learn about life as a U.S. immigrant.

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