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Oregon State University, Oregon, United States

Oregon State University, Oregon, United States
Strategic Partner: Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile

Mountains to the Sea: Conservation and Management of Water and Forest Resources in Chile

Oregon State University and Universidad Austral de Chile have fostered a strong bilateral partnership that will leverage the grant funds to reach a broad cross-section of students. The study abroad program will take advantage of a unique integration of ecological and hydrological research, with management efforts in native and plantation forests, in order to provide a unique opportunity for students to compare the Pacific Northwest and Chilean ecosystems, which has played a key role in the development of convergent evolution theory, biogeography, and plant ecology. Guided by a bi-national academic team, the field course will engage U.S. and Chilean students in issues of ecological sustainability, stewardship of water resources, and the implications of climate change for our forests and watersheds.

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