» Competition 13 - SENA

SENA Centro de Electricidad y Automatización Industrial, Colombia

The SENA Tech Challenge 2017: Funded by SENA and DOS

SENA Centro de Electricidad y Automatización Industrial, Cali Colombia
Partner: North Carolina State University, North Carolina, U.S.

Drone-building to Teach Technology and Entrepreneurship – North Carolina Drone Training Program

Through the partnership between SENA Centro de Electricidad y Automatización Industrial (SENA CEAI) and North Carolina State University (NCSU), the project will transfer concepts in hardware and software technologies related to product prototyping to six students and two teachers from SENA CEAI through an immersion Drone Program. SENA CEAI plans to host NCSU members in a one-week exchange in the CEAI training center in Cali used to train the SENA academic community about Drone building, flying and repairing. Through NCSU’s Global Training Initiative office and Community State College and Drone Camp, both parties have designed a 200-hour course called the Drone Training Program. This program will be duplicated nationally in the following years in SENA training centers including Drones Race events and talks about drone building, flying and repairing, and drone applications in different work sectors and entrepreneurial possibilities in Colombian cities.

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