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Snow College, Ephraim, Utah, U.S.

Snow College, Ephraim, Utah, U.S.
SENA Centro Tecnológico del Mobiliario, Medellín, Colombia

“Global Inquiry and Language Learning”

Snow College, in partnership with the SENA Centro Tecnológico del Mobiliario, will increase students’intercultural awareness and competence through global engagement opportunities. In doing so, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) students will use their theoretical knowledge to help create and teach lessons for SENA students in specific fields of study, while SENA students and faculty will share ideas about how to better apply skills in the fields of agribusiness and construction management. These are fields in which Snow College is working to improve. SENA students will also meet virtually with Snow College students who are enrolled in the TESL program, followed by a group of select students participating in the immersive travel experience. In return, SENA faculty will help U.S. TESL students develop content-­­specific lesson plans and curriculum to improve SENA students’ English language skills.

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