» Competition 13 - SENA

Tennessee State University, Tennessee, U.S.

Competition 13: Funded by SENA

Tennessee State University, Tennessee, U.S.
Partner: SENA Centro Agropecuario de Buga, Regional Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Training of Colombian Students from SENA and US students from Tennessee State University in New Crop Development and Food Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Tennessee State University (TSU) and SENA Centro Agropecuario de Buga will create a cross-institutional exchange and training platform in new food crop development and science that will benefit students and instructors from both institutions and encourage the development of new businesses. The exchange will focus on innovative, hands-on learning activities that will lead the way to the establishment and consolidation of an agriculture-based entrepreneurship program through student and faculty exchange programs and joint project development, including grants, import/export possibilities and new business development. Students will develop technical skills in agronomic production and food processing of specific new corps promoted in Colombia or the U.S. The program will also impart to students an understanding of the value-added agricultural sector of Tennessee and its diverse farmers’ markets for the SENA students and the wide array of tropical crops for the TSU students to inspire new ideas for small business development in both countries.

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