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Universidad de Aysén, Aysén, Chile

Universidad de Aysén, Aysén, Chile Partner: Regis College, Massachusetts, United States

Patagonia Global Health Exchange Program

Universidad de Aysen (UAYSEN) seeks to improve its capacity for future study abroad and to strengthen its relations with Regis College through its first northbound study abroad program. The Global Health Exchange Program will incorporate a global perspective in the students’ university experience and enhance their professional development. UAYSEN health sciences students, the majority of whom come from a rural and remote region in Chile and have never been overseas, will travel to the U.S. to learn about the primary issues and social factors that impact public health and to analyze the differences in healthcare between the two countries. Regis College students will participate in a reciprocal visit to Patagonia, where they will learn about the health system, conduct hospital visits, and engage with rural health providers.

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