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Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico

Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico
Partner: University of Arizona, Arizona

Summer Research Program and Cultural Immersion

The proposed project focused on student exchange innovation through the internationalization of Universidad de Guanajuato’s summer research program. Additionally, UGTO worked with its U.S. partner University of Arizona to promote their Summer Research Program among the local students in Mexico.  The main goal of the program is to encourage undergraduate students to pursue graduate studies and research in the sciences at U.S. or Mexico higher education institutions and creating awareness of research projects that are being carried out in both countries. During the period of the project, a total of 18 US students participated for the first time in UGTO’s summer research program. The Summer Research Program at UGTO included the participation of approximately 200 students and professors, from all academic disciplines.  Through the course, students conducted research and presented their findings at a symposium held by UGTO.  All papers were published online.  The program also included activities that promoted cultural immersion in order to add more value to the student experience.  Overall, the program was a success and has been referred to by participants, and UGTO is already receiving interest in students attending the program in subsequent years.  In addition to receiving U.S. students to their summer program, UGTO had sent 5 of its students to join 43 other international students from other countries such as Brazil and Honduras to participate in the University of Arizona‘s Summer Research Institute in 2014. By working together to promote their respective summer research programs, UGTO and UA were able to enhance academic collaboration between both their faculty and students.

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