» Competition 20 - The 2018 Colombia-U.S. Rural Education for Peace Competition

Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Universidad del Rosario, Colombia
Strategic Partners: New York University, New York, United States
Universidad Popular del Cesar, Cesar, Colombia

The Indigenous Peace-Strengthening Program (IPSP) Amazonas and Sierra Nevada

Universidad del Rosario will work with New York University (NYU), Universidad Popular del Cesar, as well as several local community partners to implement an Indigenous Peace-Strengthening Program (IPSP), which is designed to increase the peace-making capacity of indigenous grassroots leaders in the Sierra Nevada and the Amazon regions of Colombia. NYU students and researchers will travel to Colombia to learn about post-peace accords challenges within indigenous communities, while Colombian students will travel to New York City to participate in the Permanent Forum of the United Nations on Indigenous Issues.

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