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University of Texas El Paso, Texas, United States

University of Texas El Paso, Texas, United States
Strategic Partners: Universidad Autónoma de Mexico – Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte Mexico;
Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Mexico

A Holistic Approach to Environmental and Water Challenges in the Mexico City Metropolitan Region: A Study Abroad Opportunity for Non-Traditional Minority Students

The University of Texas El Paso’s program is designed to provide an integrated and appropriate study abroad experience that combines enhanced classroom and data-gathering field research experience. It will offer students a holistic overview of the water management challenges facing the México City metropolitan area and Paso del Norte, a region that includes El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, in the Mexican Chihuahua border region. The activities will set the foundation for a sustainable and collaborative research-based study abroad program that addresses the challenges faced by non-traditional minority students while preparing the environmental scientists and policymakers of the future.

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