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University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States

University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Strategic Partner: Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile

Establishment of a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (US)-Universidad del Desarrollo (Chile) Bi-Directional Travel Course: Environmental Engineering Issues-Water Emphasis

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and Universidad del Desarrollo bi-directional travel course presents innovations in the type of study abroad opportunity, the student experience, and the process of institutionalizing the partnership. Through the program, U.S. and Chilean students will travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin and Santiago, Chile, both of which will provide the perfect living laboratories for experiential learning opportunities in water contamination and associated impact on environmental and
human health. The course curriculum, which is comprised of a water-specific environmental engineering and policy theme, coupled with site visits to water-related civic and industry infrastructure makes this a one-of-a-kind educational experience for students.

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