The Innovation Fund inspires strategic partnerships between universities to increase student mobility and training through a dynamic collaboration between the United States government, private sector, nonprofits, and foundations.


Competition – Teams of universities compete for Innovation Fund grants to develop sustainable education and training programs that provide students with the technical and cultural skills necessary to contribute to the global market.

Sustainability – We invest in a wholesale approach at the institutional level in order to leverage their long-term university partnerships.

Scale – Since 2014, we have received $11 million in investments, 75% from corporations, foundations, and regional governments. The Innovation Fund Network engages 1600+ universities across the Western Hemisphere.

Leverage – Universities awarded grants are required to commit matching funds to their education or training program.  After funding 185+ grants, our average match is close to double the grant amount awarded.

New partnerships resulting from Innovation Fund grants are constructing bridges of opportunity and connectivity – and breaking down barriers that impede educational exchanges and mutual understanding. They are stimulating collaboration among universities and colleges in the Americas to build capacity, facilitate exchanges, and enhance regional competitiveness. –  Roberta Jacobson, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico



Join us to create opportunities for more students throughout the Americas to thrive in the global workforce.

Collaboration – Join a robust hemispheric partnership with the U.S. Department of State, U.S. embassies, universities, corporations, and nonprofits committed to regional collaboration and workforce development.

Flexibility – Design Innovation Fund grant competitions to meet your CSR and HR needs. Prioritize the countries, fields of study, and types of training that are critical to workforce development.

Visibility – Expand your CSR and brand footprint with governments, universities, and business partners.

Maximize Your Social Responsibility – Double your investment through matching funds provided by Innovation Fund grant winning institutions.

Being part of the 100,000 Strong in the Americas Innovation Fund demonstrates that by working together we can achieve greater results and reflects the Mexican Coca-Cola industry’s commitment to seek comprehensive and permanent solutions to address current global issues, generating a positive difference for future generations. – Vivian Alegría, Community Affairs and Coca-Cola Mexico Foundation Director

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